Hydrocolloids, Gums, and Fiber: Chemistry, and Applications

5th Functional Ingredients Workshop – Hydrocolloids, Gums, and Fiber: Chemistry, and Applications, August 30, 2022, Hyatt Regency by Mall of America, Minneapolis, MN

This program provides a comprehensive summary of Hydrocolloids, Gums, and Fiber: Chemistry, and Application. Review of Hydrocolloids sources, functionality and product development will be also discussed. Speakers from industry and academia will review use of different materials and their effect on stability, loading and product quality. Designed for recent graduates and newcomers as well as experienced product formulators in food, pharma and dietary supplement industries, R&D engineers, engineering supervisors, QA technicians, project engineers, Process Improvement engineers, processors; chemists and technicians; marketers and business managers, and Sales and Marketing Specialists.

Product review 

  • Tasting commercial products containing Hydrocolloids
  • Review products with Hydrocolloids