8:00 am Welcome and Opening Remarks, Erhan Yildiz, Managing member, SKC LLC, Marc Meyers, Meyers consulting, and Sefa Koseoglu, Bioactives World Forum
  8:15 am Welcome and opening remarks
  8:30 am Broad introduction to hydrocolloids and application areas, Nesha Zalesny, Technical consultant, IMR International
  9:00 am Hydrocolloid structures and impact on functionality, Erhan Yildiz, Managing member, SKC LLC
 10:00 am Seed gums (LBG, Guar, Tara), Scott Magness, Sr. Manager of R&D, Food Systems, Ingredion Incorporated
10:30 am Product tasting, followed by Coffee/Tea Break and Networking
11:00 am Seaweeds (Agar, Carrageenan, Alginates), Erhan Yildiz, Managing member, SKC LLC
11:30 pm Fermentation hydrocolloids (Xanthan, Gellan) and uses in food applications, Kyle Bailey, Director, Sales Technical Service, CP Kelco, USA
12:00 pm Hydrocolloids for food and beverage solutions, Wei Li, Sr. Manager, Hydrocolloids and texture solutions, ADM
1:30 pm

Particulate thickeners and their applications in food formulations, Nicole Higgins, Director, Big Deal Ingredients

2:00 pm

Hydrocolloids in flavor encapsulation, Marc Myers, Managing director, Meyers consulting LLC

2:30 pm

Citrus fiber in meat substitutes, Brock Lundberg, Division president, R&D, Fiberstar

  3:00 pm Product tasting — Followed by Coffee/Tea Break and Networking
  3:30 pm

Hydrocolloids market trends and plant-based applications, Lynn Dornblaser, Director of Innovation and Insight, Mintel, USA

  4:00 pm

Plant based proteins in food formulations, Julie Emsing Mann, Chief innovation officer, Puris

  4:30 pm

Use of hydrocolloids in plant-based applications, Scott Magness, Sr. Manager of R&D, Food systems, Ingredion Incorporated

  5:00 pm Tree exudates (Acacia, Karaya etc.), Erhan Yildiz, Managing member, SKC LLC
  5:30 pm Program Ends