Claus Birkemose
Sales Manager
DSS, A Tetra Pak Company

Claus graduated with a BSc degree from Dalum Dairy College in Denmark in 1980. He has worked with membrane filtration in the dairy industry for 35 years. The first 6 years he worked as commissioning engineer and since then he has been selling membrane filtration plants. He has extensive experience in Whey Protein Concentrate, Milk Protein Concentrate, Fermented Milk Products and Extended Shelf Life (ESL). He joined DSS in 2001 as Sales Manager with responsibility for varying regions.

Quark and Other Fermented High Protein Milk Products

There is a growing interest in production of acidified high protein products in Europa and USA. The growing interest is a result of the increased focus on health and marketing of various protein diets.

DSS, A Tetra Pak Company supply ceramic or combined spiral/plate & frame UF-plants for production of Quark, Skyr, Greek yogurt and cream cheese for example. The advantage of using filtration for concentration instead of separation will be discussed.