Jim Hilarides
Technical Applications Manager
Hydrite Chemical Company

Jim Hilarides is the Technical Manager for Hydrite Chemical Co.’s Food Processing Division. He has 19 years of R&D experience in cleaning and sanitation for the food industry. Prior to joining Hydrite in 2011, Jim worked at Sealed Air (formerly Diversey) in various R&D roles with primary focus supporting brewing, beverage and dairy customers globally. Current responsibilities include managing research and development efforts around cleaning, sanitation and processing aids as well as customer technical support. Jim graduated with a Degree in Biochemistry from Michigan State University.

Removal of Nonylphenol Ethoxylates from Membrane Cleaning Applications

Nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPE) and other phenol ethoxylates have played an important role in the cleaning and performance efficiency of membrane filtration systems utilized in dairy applications for decades. Recently, nonylphenols have been shown to be bio-accumulators and endocrine disruptors leading regulatory pressure in both the US and the EU. Current restrictions in place in the EU have set a limit of 10 ppb in fractions from whey and milk separation.

Dairy producers are now looking for alternative surfactant chemistries that provide equivalent cleaning performance while eliminating NPEs and the drawbacks associated with them. Alternative surfactant technologies not subject to the same regulations as NPE and showing equivalent soil removal have been identified and have proven compatible with commonly used membranes in both lab and field trials. The surfactants have also been shown to be free rinsing upon completion of the cleaning cycle.