Jamie Vinsant
Product Manager, ED-EDR
GE Power & Water

Jamie is the product manager for ED and EDR at GE Power & Water. He has a BS in Chemical Engineering from MIT and 11 years of experience in the water & process industry with GE, specializing in applications for separation via ion exchange membranes.

Electrodialysis: Principles of ED, BPED, EDI and System Design and Applications

Electrodialysis is a unique and robust technology for demineralization of process streams. It uses ion exchange membranes and electrical power to remove only ionized salts, while leaving valuable product behind. The presentation will introduce the technology, provide examples of its strengths and limitations, and highlight the key applications and markets for which it has and will be used in the future. Key applications include whey demineralization, glycerine treatment, wine stabilization, and use of bipolar membrane electrodialysis for pH adjustment of process streams.